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Accomplished Projects


Donations Transport 2012

The donations Transport 2012 arrived safely in Kabul. The workshop in Bad Oenhausen (see down) was
made on May 25 by the Augusta Victoria hospital in Munich for the camp of the Social Department.
Here are some pictures:


In July followed the loading of the container to Kabul, along with other donations. Here, too, a few pictures:

 an assistant , Wali Nawabi und Rudolf Jaerschky
Rudolf Jaerschky and Albrecht Keuler
Here Wali between Rudolf and Sylvia Glaser from Sozialreferat Munich.

  Meanwhile, the workshop was housed in its destination, the basement of the house the workshop in Kabul. This equipment could be brought into the new branch in Bhamyan where they now do for the people there, their service. 


Donation from Amyal e.V.

That this year the donations transport already held mid-year, had an encouraging reason: The association Amyal eV. 

This association has similar aims as Empor and is also involved in Afghanistan for individuals who are in need. (

The Augusta Victoria Hospital in Bad Oeynhausen has replaced its entire orthopedic workshop and gives their previous workshop and Amyal this to Empor for our man in Kabul, Wali Nawabi! The acquisition, ex-u. Expansion of the workshop has already initiated Amyal. Also, the cost assumes Amyal, for all this, we want to take this opportunity once again our heartfelt thanks on behalf of Wali Nawabi.

  The chairman of Empor, Mr. and Mr. Jaerschky, Keuler and Wali Nawabi itself on 1.12.2011 were there and were able to see the good usability of the devices. Wali Nawabi held a small presentation with film and impressed the audience with his skills again.

Here are some pictures from the meeting:


Herr Jaerschky, Wali Nawabi und Herr Keuler

It was here initiated a promising collaboration with the association Amyal eV, which has made ​​contact with the clinic, .

The members of Amyal e.V.:  Doris Horn, member of the Board, who has been engaged especially for the delivery of the workshop, Mr. and Mrs. Thiesman and the chairman Dr. Mehrain.

Amyal has with great personal commitment and that everything belongs to an organized safe transport logistics in recent weeks. It is a great challenge for all involved, the better and safer to load some very heavy machinery. In the coming week, with the help and support of the Technical Relief machines mounted on pallets, secured and packed in bubble wrap to ensure that the machines arrive in a functional state, in Kabul. A native forwarding ensures the proper, safe transportation to Munich. There is still a lot of donated supplies to the devices and machines.

Doris Horn says: Now if next week goes the truck on the way to Munich, I will be full of joy and pride that the shop is now on the way to Kabul and there passed their destination.
I am sure that all parties share this joy with me. A piece of their city is on its way to the distant Afghanistan and will help themselves to the people of this country there. It's a good feeling to have worked for it.

Dr. Störmann, CEO of Augusta Victoria clinic of Bad Oeynhausen and Mr. Bitter, Director of the Technical Department, which oversees the workshops, Mr. Bitter made ​​an offer to pass the workshop.

In May 2012, the workshop will be brought to Munich, where it together with the other donations will make the way to Kabul. Because we have had bad experiences with the sea via Karachi once again on the road.

For Wali Nawabi this thing is a milestone for the equipment of his workshops!

in co-operation with City of Munich – Department of Social Services


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