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Planned projects

Supply for children and young people

Disabled children and adolescents are usually an additional burden to families suffering from poverty. As a result of their injuries, disabled children and adolescents need permanent assistance and live without hope. They have little chance to participate in social life and because of lacking academic training cannot develop any job prospects.

The country, worn down from decades of war, needs its children and adolescents looking hopefully to the future and participating in rebuilding their country and society.

As part of the proposed project, disabled children and adolescents will receive an individual supply of orthopaedic devices, enabling them to participate in community life. With an adequate prosthetic care and improvement of their mobility, they can go to school again and build up long-term independent living as well as develop new perspectives on life.

30 children and adolescents up to the age of 21 years shall receive free orthopaedic aids such as prostheses, orthoses, crutches, wheelchairs, and bicycles for disabled. The aids will be adapted to individual needs and requirements of the children and adolescents. Affected persons who are living outside of Kabul may also be supplied as part of the project. To these children and adolescents and their parents the association is offering a short-term accommodation.

Supply for children Supply for children

Training of local specialists in orthopaedics

The need for orthopaedic specialists is high in Afghanistan and will remain so within an unforeseeable future. Empor e.V. therefore intends to train up to eight young women and men in orthopaedics. The course takes twelve months. The project is an income-generating activity and has a positive impact on the lives of trainees and their families. Due to the increase in income of private households, a positive contribution to economic and humanitarian development of the country is achieved. The targeted support of women is committed to increase the acceptance of working women in society and to promote the equality of the sexes.

Training of local specialist Training of local specialist

in co-operation with City of Munich – Department of Social Services


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