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Foundation stone laid for today's Afghanistan

1747 - 1773
Reign of Ahmad Shah Abdali (Durrani).
Ahmad Shah unites and enlarges Afghanistan. He defeats the Muguls in the west of the Indus and reconquers Herat from the Persians. Ahmad Shah Durrani's empire stretches from Central Asia to Delhi and from Kashmir to the Arabian Sea. It is the largest Muslim empire in the second half of the 18th century.

1773 - 1793
Rule of Timur Shah
Due to tribal antagonisms, Afghanistan's capital is transferred from Kandahar to Kabul.
Continuous internal revolts

1793 - 1801
Rule of the Zaman Shah
Continuous internal revolts
1795 Persian invade Khurasan (province).

1801 - 1803
Rule of Mahmood
Continuous internal revolts

1803 - 1809
Rule of Shah Shujah
1805 Persian attack on Herat fails.
Internal struggles

1809 - 1818
Mahmood returns to the throne.
Non-decisive war against Persia, internal struggles in the aftermath.

1819 - 1826
Sons of Timur Shah fight over the throne -> Civil War -> anarchy
Afghans lose Sind forever

Dost Mohammad Khan conquers Kabul and takes control.

1832 - 1833
Persians march into Khurasan (province) and threaten Herat.
Afghans defend Herat successfully.

May Afghans lose Peshawar to the Sikhs and later suppress the Sikhs under the leadership of Akbar Khan, who defeats them near Jamrud, killing the great Sikh General Hari Singh. Nevertheless, they fail at the re-conquest of Peshawar.

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